CAWA – 21′

Crypto Art Week Asia (Singapore)

With an exciting mix of motion graphic artists, 3D modelers, animators, and illustrators comes an activation in partnership with CAWA and the iconic region of Singapore. 3 augmented reality artists were tasked with staking their mark through augmented reality activated works of art positioned throughout the city.

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Metamo Industries | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Metamo Industries | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Zen 2 Red
Metamo Industries | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Electric Buddha
Metamo Industries | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Cube Head
Metamo Industries | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Fabin Rasheed | Bidding Starts (TBD)

Meet the Artists


Metamo Industries is a team of highly skilled artists whose work experience spans the upper echelon of the creative industries from high end visual effects, digital art, immersive media and audio production.  With a specialty in using real-time technology to supercharge the production process, Metamo thrives in developing dynamic audio-visual experiences for a wide range of applications and installations that transcend traditional media capabilities.  

Fabin Rasheed Art
Fabin Rasheed

Fabin Rasheed is an India based Artist, Designer, Innovator and Technologist working in the intersection of Creativity and Technology. He has previously worked with companies like Xerox Research and Adobe as an innovator, where he had invented new expressions of creativity and had filed multiple patents in art and creativity. He holds a Masters Degree in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.
Fabin’s works revolve around either creating tools for creativity or using technology to augment creativity and make art. Interestingly enough his works span a wide variety of technology like Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Gestures, Voice, Generative arts etc. His works have been featured in multiple international venues like the Florence Biennale (Florence, Italy), Ars Electronica Global Gallery, NeurIPS Creativity Gallery (Vancouver, Canada), Contemporary And Digital Art Fair (CADAF), CODAME Art-Tech Festival, Cueva Gallery, Raritan Gallery,  Cobalt Gallery (Bangalore, India), Re.Work AI Summit (San Francisco, USA),  etc. His works have also been featured in national and international media like Mashable, Popular Science, SlashGear, BuzzFeed, Indian Express, Business Standard etc.