Ghosting : AR Art New Blood

  • Geo-Located AR group exhibit
  • The AR vanguard
  • April/May
  • NFT auction will commence after the tour concludes

A Touring AR Art Exhibition

Showcasing the finest emerging talent in the digital layer. Ghosting is a world first travelling exhibition, visiting multiple cities across a month, the art will live amongst the streets and forgotten alleyways of familiar urban landscapes. Each city will be curated by a different artist, placing the work in response to the space, history and feel of their home.


Half in half out, we are straddling a world just out of sight resting at the edge of comprehension. What currently seems like the ghostly imaginings of a fractured mind are solidifying into the shadow we will collectively call the future. These artists do not promise utopias, or even counter narratives to the shifting uncertainties we face.. but they are out there, just ahead of the horizon, mining that liminal space and contracting spatial responses to the landscapes they find. Ghosting is an invitation to experience artefacts from moments just beyond our reach. Shimmering constructs, symbols and set pieces describing the new paradigm.

Art in the time of Covid

AR offers the unique ability to safely participate in the event, all the 'installations' will be public and outside. Visitors can experience the exhibition in person following the mapped trail of the pieces or experience the pieces remotely via our AR viewer.