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AR Visualization

Over 3 Billion Impressions Driven for our Partners

>50% of consumers would better recall brands that regularly engage with them through immersive technologies. (Accenture)

Part Agency. Part Tech.

We're Illustrators of Reality.

We work with brands, celebrities, and cultural icons to level up their customer/fan relationships through carefully positioned engagement and brand loyalty campaigns. Using blockchain and augmented reality, Illust creates new adventures for your customers in the physical world.

The Benefits of Working with Illust

iphone view of activities on the Illust map
Gamify your map placements and experiences.

Massive Reach

Illust is an app-free AR and Web3 experience that works in any web browser on a mobile device across the world.

Significant Dwell Time

Partner experiences on Illust see more than 2 minutes of interaction time in the AR scene. Visitors are immersed in a new world!


Illust's blockchain backbone allows it to plug into a massive ecosystem of apps, giving flexibility for partner activations.

High Engagement

On average each partner activation sees more than 4 augmented reality playthroughs for each visitor.


Partners use Illust platform to capture audience data and drive sales for virtual merchandise, mementos, and artwork.

Timeless Value

Rewards captured in Illust's app do not have a shelf life being on-chain. You can always reference and reward these day 1 fans!

Our Process

STEP 1: An Illust representative will help you craft your geospatial content strategy.

STEP 2: The team will help co-create and geofence custom AR experiences tied to a physical location.

STEP 3: Illust will drive visitors into your experience through influencers, media, and custom filters.

STEP 4: Illust will share campaign insights based upon KPI's, conversions, and goals.

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The Illust Technology

Geofencing & Content Scheduling
AR Scene Preparation Tools
(face, world, marker tracking, holograms)
Customizable Maps
Token Gated Map Channels
Customized Smart Contracts
Proof of Presence Tokens
Ethereum & Polygon NFT Placement
GeoSpatial Registry (GSR)
Airdropping Contracts
Gamification and Claimable Token Rewards

illust globe

The Illust Services

3D & AR Asset Creation
On-Site Support
Custom Development
Campaign Management
Campaign Reporting
Managed Geofencing
Influencer Support
Rental Art Collection
Data Capture Implementation
Custom marketing collateral
Media, Email, and Social Support

Over 1,000+ geofenced experiences from some of the strongest projects, brands, artists, and communities.

Learn why.

Proof of Presence in the metaverse

Is this like Pokemon GO but for art and culture?

It’s very similar to Pokemon GO in that going to a specific location in the world triggers a specific experience. However, unlike creating a full game from scratch, Illust’s technology connects elements from your existing customer or fan engagement strategy and ties it to the blockchain network.

The blockchain provides the Illust application with a layer of trust and interoperability. This means items claimed, rewards given, and moments of experience can be used across different applications, initiatives, and periods of time. 

Where would Illust's experience and reward geofencing work well?

  1. Art Galleries
  2. Retail Locations
  3. Pop up events
  4. Sporting Events
  5. Museums and Heritage

6. Music Venues
7. Conferences
8. Movie Theaters
9. Theme Parks
10. Anywhere you want to drive foot trafic

Can I create a geofence anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can! There are no limits to the locations where you would like to deploy your content experiences. Your work will be deployed to both your custom map channel as well as to the global map for a predefined amount of time. 

In order to visit a geofenced experience or “point of interest” on the map, please visit the Illust AR app. If you are an artist, creator, or brand please reach out to us directly on our contact page.

I manage a community, what can I create using Illust's system?

  1. Face effects of your characters
  2. Hologram avatars that ask questions
  3. Scavenger Hunts
  4. Product Demos
  5. Audio walks

6. Custom Maps w/ Points of Interest
7. Product sales an virtual merch
8. Token gated maps and layers
9. Special Communication Channels
10. Location based games

Illust Studio
Geofencing, AR scene preparation, AR marker tracking, AR face effects, AR world effects, AR Holograms, and generative art
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Smart Contracts
Proof of Presence, NFT minting (Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos), GeoSpatial Registry, airdropping
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Dynamic Maps
Token-gating, point-of-interest builder, wallet on-ramp, user profiles
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Partner Integrations
Ticketing, token-gating, unlockable content, check-ins, and drops
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Case Study Samples

Explore different neighborhoods through the illust geospatial app.

From the Illust Blog

Gallery Screenshot

Four Seasons AR Docent Media Advisory

Illust partnered with the Four Seasons to present an augmented reality docent for their LOVE IS AN ART Gallery Exhibition. With works from Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Jeff Koons, Marc Chagall, MegZany, Risk, Mr. Brainwash, Gregory Siff, and Mesple, the hologram-powered docent is the first of its kind on the blockchain tied in with special proof of presence tokens for participation.

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HACKATAO Remix Me Gallery Recap

HACKATAO Remix Me MEET Milan Recap

The MEET Digital Culture Center, HACKATAO, and BREEZY Crypto Art Curation came together with Illust to produce an interactive map triggered by augmented reality and blockchain. Using Illust’s metaverse as a service tools, the installation performed exceptionally well and left audiences wanting more.

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