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Current | Crypto Art Week Asia AR Geo Placements

Illust i Collection
Current | AR ARt Giveaway for New Accounts

GHOSTING February, 2021 | Traveling Global Exhibition

TBD | A Liminal Blend of AR Focus and Form

Past Auctions & Exhibitions

MF DOOM Mask Auction Press Release

Oct 28th-Oct 30th | 10:00 AM PDT | LOS ANGELES


Oct 23rd-Oct 25th | 10:00 AM PDT | LOS ANGELES

What's Augmented Reality Art on the Blockchain?

Augmented reality art is an area of creation supported by the rendering of 3D overlays on a phone. The Art’s intrinsic details and innateness are supported by smart contracts.

Smart Contracts such as the ERC-721 standard provide the ability to track provenance and authenticity so that a single piece art maintains its integrity regardless of how it changes hands.

How Do I View in AR?

Augmented reality art is viewable through your phone’s internal software, ARKit and AR Core. 

Illust Space is actively building partnerships with the leading social media networks, game studios, and tech platforms to provide an artist or collector with an opportunity to display their art or resell the art on a secondary market.

How Do I Collect the Art?

By setting up a wallet through our onboarding process or a wallet you already own, all bids are accepted through Ethereum.

The highest bidder with enough funds to fulfill the top bidding price wins the auction. Following an auction, bid winners will be contacted directly by a representative from Illust Space to accept the funds.

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