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The Benefits of Illust's Map Platform

STEP 1: Create Metaverse Layer

STEP 2: GeoFence Experiences

STEP 3: Drive Visitors to Area

STEP 4: Engage Your New Fans

Over 1,000 placements from some of the strongest projects, brands, artists, and communities.

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Proof of Presence in the metaverse

CASE STUDY: Artifex Art Walk

During NFT NYC 2022, Artifex wanted to show visitors to the big apple the depth of their collection, featuring some of the most innovative and exciting NFTs from Web3 artists. 

Artifex turned to Illust to create a custom AR Layer capable of displaying all of the works in a single “Art Walk”. Visitors to the free activation could “check-in” by claiming a special PoP token giving them access to exclusive Artifex perks.

350+ visitors to the activation
45 Proof of Presence tokens generated

Is this Pokemon Go but with NFTs?

It’s similar to Pokemon GO in that Illust is creating a global map of augmented reality content which can be activated using the discovery application and a smartphone. This is where the similarities end. 

Participants are given the freedom to create their own maps in which they can publish whatever they would like into the world, craft experiences for others, host games, and encourage real-world actions through the Proof of Presence protocol. Visit our discovery app here.

Can I create a geofence anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can! At the moment we support NFTs using the ERC-721 and 1155 standards on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. This includes pngs, jpegs, GLBs, video and more. We will be supporting GIF and Audio file types in the near future.

In order to create a geofence for your NFT in the physical world or create a map with “points of interest”, please visit the Illust AR app. If you are an artist, creator, or brand please reach out to us directly on our contact page.

I'm the member of a project, what can I create using Illust's system?

  1. Scavenger Hunts
  2. Product Demos
  3. Art Walks
  4. NFT Memberships
  5. Ticketing

6. Entertainment
7. Product Sales
8. Virtual Merch
9. Special Communication Channels
10. Foot Traffic

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CASE STUDY: Miss Universe x NYFW

During New York Fashion Week 2021, DressX and Web3 Fashion brand Refashiond, were looking for an innovative way to portray their brand amidst the runway chaos of Spring Studios.

By working with Illust, they were able to deploy a 100 ft hologram of Paulina Vega Dieppa, 2015’s Miss Universe, anchored next door to NYFW walking as if the streets were her runway. Street teams were activated to walk the fashion crowd through the augmented reality look-book and marquee attraction.

250+ visitors to the physical installation

Launch the Illust AR App to begin publishing experiences in your neighborhood.

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RiNo Recap for ETHDenver Installation

Infographic sharing more about the augmented reality map created for the city of Denver and the RiNo Arts District. Quality experiences, strong usage, and good times were all had throughout the installation at ETH Denver 2023.

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Passports now live

Illust Passports Now Live (+Tutorial)

A first of its kind system, Illust Passports are one of the first NFT “drops” that can be claimed and minted natively all through an augmented reality experience. Be sure to have your cell phone ready to activate. 

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