What's Proof of Presence?

Proof of Presence is an on-chain record of user activity on the Illust AR Application. Proof of Presence also known as PoPs, are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) which are minted using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs on Illust’s Smart Contracts. To save on costs for creators and users of the application, Illust uses the Polygon blockchain which is compatible with major marketplaces such as OpenSea to deliver the tokens.

Visitors to the Illust application are able to claim PoPs in three ways. When a visitor:

  1. physically enters a geofence published by a partner on the application, a special button will appear to generate a Proof of Presence
  2. is requested by a partner to complete a specific task such as solve a riddle, upload a picture, or complete a game
  3. uncovers a special QR code or other physical marker presented in the physical world
Proof of Presence token

What’s the big deal with PoPs?

As a project owner, PoPs can be viewed as ingredients or lego blocks which can be stacked to create truly dynamic experiences or permission access to exclusive content and rewards. Since all PoPs have a record on-chain, they can be referenced by applications outside of Illust’s metaverse such as Discord or Shopify to token-gate access to channels only permitted to the most active or engaged members of a community.

PoPs can also be used as a method for creating role playing games (RPGs), alternative reality games (ARGs), transmedia storytelling, and just about any dynamic experience which has levels. Illust Partners can attach special permissions, unique experiences, bounties, and tickets to Proof of Presence tokens creating a relationship between digital assets and physical activity.

The following are a list of PoP enabled activities:

  1. Virtual merch giveaways
  2. Tickets
  3. Listening parties
  4. Encrypted communication
  5. Scavenger Hunts
  6. Easter Egg Hunts
  7. Limited edition purchases
  8. IOT integrations

Can I change what a PoP looks like for my community?

Absolutely! Part of the fun for your audience claiming a PoP is that the PoP can look like anything you want it to look like. Since PoPs are NFT tokens, a partner can configure what a PoP looks like at the time of collection as well as what metadata is stored alongside the tokens. 

Many Illust partners have customized PoPs to be secret videos, images, and even custom 3D models. Note: PoPs are on-chain so once your first visitor claims a PoP token, the configured image and metadata will be displayed publicly on OpenSea.

Custom Proof of Presence Image
Sample from a custom PoP generated from the community

Where do I find my Proof of Presence Tokens?

Visitors who claim a PoP are delivered the token into the Web3 wallet they used to log into the Illust AR application. Illust currently supports 3 different systems for logging in:

  1. Magic Auth
  2. Wallet Connect
  3. Metamask

Proof of Presence tokens currently reside in the “My PoPs” page on the Illust AR Application as well as on OpenSea. The product team is working to better conceptualize PoPs through a “Culture Passport” that consolidates user activity, subscribed projects, quests, and user profiles.

Which other metaverse projects support token-gating through PoPs?

The following are a list of Illust partners who currently support token gating through Proof of Presence tokens:

  1. Collabland for Discord Channels
  2. Darkblock for Token gating special content or NFTs
  3. Coming Soon: Shopify for merchandise and discounts
Collabland for PoPs

Closing Thoughts

As Illust looks to construct a full package of Web3 services to its participating partners, Proof of Presence serves as the backbone for interoperability, gamification, and provenance for projects looking to build the strongest communities imaginable. If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about how Proof of Presence can jumpstart your event, activation, or project, please reach out to us directly below.

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