So what's this all about?

The next digital transformation is underway and it’s sponsored by the largest tech companies in the game. When this immersive layer comes, will it be inspired by humanity, art, and culture or will this be yet another precarious battleground for privacy rights, manipulation, and propaganda? At illust, we’re using blockchain solutions to flip the script on how we engage with our digital futures. By creating transparency and provenance for artists populating the metaverse, we hope to inspire other technologists and artists looking to create more equitable digital worlds. We lost the internet but we do not have to lose this bigger more all encompassing layer that’s at our door step. Will you join us?

What’s an ERC-721 Token or Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

A NFT is an asset that has a unique identity which is powered by a digital contract or smart contract. Smart Contracts are digital certificates that embed information and or/actions. In the case of digital collectibles, they act like streams of data that follow the art wherever it may go. Think a certificate of authenticity that is always attached to DaVinci sculpture but instead of it being paper, it’s digital and it’s attached to digital objects like art, trading cards, and other digital collectibles.

Why Does this Matter?

Through this technology, patrons, collectors, artists, and onlookers can determine Who the originator or original author is of the artwork, embeddable descriptions about the artwork, copyrights and attributions, and even the ability to designate royalties for an artist beyond the primary art sale.

Sharing Your Collection

Digital art until now has been siloed and platform dependent, but like ‘real’ art collections move, trade hands and go on display. Currently digital art created through Illust play nice with the following platforms:


Android phones for augmented reality (list of compatible devices)


Apple Phones for activating and rendering augmented reality effects (list of compatible devices)


A virtual decentralized community for digital collectors

More to Come

Check back as we continue to build partnerships with the leading social media, gaming, and decentralized platforms for collectors can show their collections with the world.


From across the Atlantic to the woods
north of San Francisco, to the beaches
of Southern California, the illust team
brings a diversity of experience and
understanding for where media and
technology is moving.

Rob McCarty (CEO) Emerging media and marketing expert published in Adweek, Digiday, and the Drum. With a foundation in marketing and immersive technologies, Rob's built multiple viral story and experiential design properties in the media technologies space.
Future Rob (Engineer) Futurist with a keen eye for where things are moving and how to build them.
Tim Prochak (CCO) pursuing the edge cases of technology and art is Tim's M.O. From interactive data visualizations for the UN to immersive show visuals for Paul McCartney. Tim balances an optimistic embrace of futurism with the tempered knowledge of decades of experience.
Hannah Gulledge (Director of Communications) With a wealth of experience from her work in the art world, Hannah balances form with function for Illust's external comms.
Will Ockelmann-Wagner (CTO) brings a wealth of code and process experience, and a belief that all things can be done with code, but only some things should be done right now.
Noah Newfield (Biz Dev Coordinator) Noah brings a passion for technology with a grounded sense for the aesthetics. His motivation is infectious giving inspiration to those he's around.
Jordan Furbee (Controller & Operations) brings a wealth of experience from financial strategy to accounting marrying her experience with the largest tech companies to her involvement in start-ups.
Chris MacPherson (Front End Engineer) Chris has an incredible mix of experience developing front end solutions for blue chip companies and start ups alike.
Amy Madison Luo (Advisor) Senior Counsel of Global Business Development at Coinbase, where she advises, structures, and negotiates strategic deals across the company's portfolio of products. Prior to joining Coinbase, Amy practiced law at Ropes & Gray LLP (Private Equity), Paramount Pictures, Harmonix Music Systems, and Major League Baseball.
Gil Klein (Curator & Consultant) has advocated for blockchain technology in dozens of industries around the world. Gil believes that the de-centralization of blockchain technology puts art back in the hands of the artist, and the connoisseur.
Erick Rodriguez (3D Artist) With a pension for merging the boundaries of digital, gaming, and real life, Erick's creative abilities take him to places where the future resides.