Welcome to the first ever sale of an Augmented Reality NFT, the auction is now open. Bid for your chance to own a historical unrepeatable piece of Hip Hop and Digital history.

As you go into the auction please be aware of the following auction practices, vocabulary, and rules:

  • There are two Drops. Drop One is from Friday Oct 23rd to Sunday Oct 25th closing at 5 PM PDT. Drop Two is from 10 AM PDT on Wed Oct 28th to Friday Oct 30th at 5PM PDT.
  • There will be a total of 11 masks available for auction. Drop one has 8 masks. Four editions of Blue Metal Face, and Four editions of Green Metal Face – these are signed individual editions and there will only ever be four of each available. Details for the second drop will follow – but it is very special. 
  • Lots are the individual sales within an auction. In this case there are two lots, one for the four MF Green’s and one for the four MF Blues – in some cases the highest bidder would win the entire contents of a lot. However in this Auction the four mask in each will be awarded to the four highest bidders in each lot. 
  • A bid is a binding contract and Auction winners will have 24 hours to remit payment for the lot. If we do not receive funds, the item will be offered to the next highest bidder. 
  • After the auction is over a member of the illust team will reach out and guide you through the process. Please check your email as this is how we’re able to communicate with the auction winners. 
  • The Auction Smart contract will establish whether you have adequate funds in your wallet for the submitted bid. Bids submitted with insufficient funds will not be accepted. 
  • Any questions or help can be addressed to the ticketing system on the website or be explained by our FAQ.