HACKATAO Remix Me MEET Milan Recap

Bringing Digital Art and Culture to IRL

On March 9th, Illust collaborated with HACKATAO, BREEZY Crypto Art Curation, and the MEET Digital Culture Center of Milan to bring the REMIX ME digital art collection into the physical world through augmented reality. Using Illust’s Studio suite and Metaverse as a Service tools, the curation team was able to geofence 40+ works of art surrounding the MEET Digital Culture Center. HACKATAO’s works utilized the following Illust in-house tools to bring the installation to life:

  • Geofencing 
  • AR Scene Preparation
  • Map layer curation
  • Proof of Presence token reward system
Walk through diagram

About the Collab and Exhibition

Words from the organizers:

“The REMIX ME art project was born from the collaboration of the pioneering cryptoart duo Hackatao, together with the Piselli and Partners law firm and the curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy Art), and sees the participation of over 40 artists on the NFT Makersplace platform.

REMIX ME invited the cryptoart creative community to explore the meaning and implications of remixing a work of art, aware of the fact that the “remix art” phenomenon is long-standing, but investigating it in its manifestation in the world of NFTs and their relationship to copyright and copyrights. The project does not necessarily set out to give answers, but rather to start (in 2021) and continue to develop (today) the debate, comparison, and discussion.

All this through an artistic experiment where, starting from the original work of Hackatao Remix Me, artists and creatives were invited to remix it and give their own vision of the work with the participation in three open calls and suggesting a new perspective of regulation of recognized rights to artists and NFT owners. In turn, Hackatao remixed the remixes of their work, which mutated its metadata within the NFT in which it was originally tokenized, using a special smart contract: “Dynamic Token”. An NFT, therefore, that changes over time; an ever-evolving work of art.

Artistic collaboration, technology, new implications of intellectual property and copyright in the world of the web and the blockchain were on display. Along with this discussion, MEET was also “remixed” with a geo-localized augmented reality game organized with the Illust platform and Hackatao to present the latest Remix of Remixes of Remixes.”

MEET Digital Culture Center "REMIX ME" Map

Looks from Behind the Activation

street image 2

Outcomes from the Metaverse as a Service Installation

The REMIX ME activation was a smashing success. Some of the KPI’s from the activation include:

  • 118 Augmented Reality users
  • 28 Proof of Presence tokens generated/wallets connected
  • 807 experience views
  • Over 2 minute engagement time per augmented reality installation
"The event was a success and I have to say the most successful part was the AR show. People just got crazy about it including the Director of the Museum... People weren’t coming to the theater because they were outside playing!"
Breezi Logo
Eleonora Brizi
Breezy Art Curation

Closing Thoughts

It’s great to see everyday people at an art gallery use an application that couples blockchain and augmented reality without a hitch and really have fun with it. Illust will continue to push forward with tools that engage, delight, and immerse people in the digital culture and experiences that transcend the digital and physical worlds and are excited to work with the leading artists, brands, curators, and venues to make it a reality.


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