Introducing the Illust Studio Suite

Eoin in NYC

Are you a creator looking for new ways to express your art? Are you looking to build augmented reality (AR) scenes that bring your work to life? If so, then the Illust Studio suite is perfect for you! The Illust studio is a powerful tool that gives creators more depth when making AR scenes on the illust platform. Let’s take a look at what makes this suite of tools so special.

What Does the Suite Offer?

The Illust Studio suite can be thought of as a decentralized version of Spark AR and Lens Studio, though it’s still in its infant stages. Currently, creators can use the studio to transform, rotate, scale, edit materials, reflections, lighting, shadows, launch face effects and more. Additionally, they can edit scene descriptions; add videos, 3D models, photos and audio; and define where they would like their scene to show in the world using GPS coordinates and points of interest. All configured AR scenes are anchored to a creator’s map channel in the illust app—making sharing with friends and followers easy!


Why Use Illust Studio?

The Illust Studio suite is incredibly versatile—from musicians adding music videos to their projects to their maps or artists injecting their work into real-world scenarios. The possibilities are endless! What makes it even better is that this powerful creation tool is accessible directly from your wallet address. This means no middleman between you and your creations—allowing you to retain ownership of whatever project you put out there (cough cough, unlike some of the software from the tech monoliths).

Special Projects

Illust will be hosting special projects and call for submissions for those Studio creators looking to be featured in special exhibitions, access to brand partnership opportunities, and unique selling opportunities. More announcements to come on this front!

The World is Yours

If you’re an artist or creator looking to apply your Lens/Spark skills in a more decentralized way, the Illust Studio is a good start. The Studio is just getting started with some basic features but will be built with you, the creator, in mind. 

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Crafted by Illust Creative Partners, Inc.