MF DOOM Legacy Auction

DOOM’s passing, left all of us reeling. That it occurred the day after the auction was unthinkable. We have been working with his family and team to ensure the next thing we did was in the spirit of his genius and something he would appreciate. We reached out to all the collectors who had bought the masks and we have arranged that for the next sale part of the proceeds will go to his family (this is on top of the baked in royalties our smart contract ensures). We are also providing a way to donate directly to DOOM’s wallet which is now in the custody of Jasmine, his wife. As well as this we wanted to find a way to build upon this -the result is “Black Sludge” it was a literally a mistake made when building the AR models. The first time we brought it into the world, the shaders had been set up in a different setting and the result was a black mirrored surface. Sometimes accidents produce unexpectedly beautiful results. 


Still, the collection was centered around Halloween, so we re-configured and produced the green melting wonder that was auctioned. At the time we saved it, thinking maybe next Halloween it could be a special feature, but of course mortality doesn’t pay attention to intentions. DOOM’s team, family and we at Illust thought it would be a fitting part of his legacy, a mask born of accidental luck, a rare misprint like an artists proof or an error on minted currency. Black Sludge will be minted to DOOM’s wallet now controlled by Jasmine and we have increased the royalties in the contract. We hope that this goes someway towards helping (at least on a financial level) and we know DOOM would be amused that a ‘mistake’ turned into something much more….


“On Doomsday, ever since the womb 

‘Til I’m back where my brother went, that’s what my tomb will say 

Right above my government; Dumile 

Either unmarked or engraved, hey, who’s to say?”

The Last Signed DOOM Mask
In the Halloween 2020 Collection

Bidding Starts Thursday 3/11 @ 4PM PST
Auction Concludes in 30 hours

We will be donating 50% of our platform fees to MF DOOM'S Estate

Secondary Sale


Owners will be donating 10% of sales to support the MF DOOM Estate


Owner will be donating 15% of sales to support the MF DOOM Estate


Owner will be donating 25% of sales to support the MF DOOM Estate

Crafted by Illust Creative Partners, Inc.