ETH Denver Event Map + Supporting Sponsor Maps

BUIDL Week & ETH Denver

We’re excited to work with a diverse and innovative group of projects contributing to the BUIDL Week x ETH Denver Festival map. New points of interest are added to the map daily. Be sure to claim 10 Proof of Presence tokens to access the exclusive “Vibe Check” party produced by Illust and partners.

Maps 1 & 2: ETH Denver Venues & RiNo Arts District

If you’re looking to navigate to one of the many festival or BUIDL week venues, check out the pyramid with an eye icon (represents learning). By tapping on any of the pins on the map, you’ll be able to see what’s going down at that location. If you’re on your mobile device, you’ll be able to check-in to claim a proof of presence tokens and render one of the many augmented reality installations that are live on the map.

The RiNo Arts District also wanted to highlight some of the murals around the neighborhood and some of the small businesses supporting the conference. These placements can be viewed in orange.


Map #3: The Mint Gold Dust Culture Walk

Mint Gold Dust Culture Walk: the Mint Gold Dust Culture Walk takes place in the RiNo Arts District of Denver and contains the following tracks:

  • BLKW3B – Black History Month (Nocturne)
  • Machine Dialogues – 4655 Humbolt St, Denver CO
  • Street Art – Improper City

Mint Gold Dust is a decentralized NFT Marketplace that streamlines transactions between artists and collectors plus curators and galleries to showcase unique crypto art around the world. The Mint Gold Dust team has built a comprehensive ecosystem for artists and collectors to make their digital dream and vision a reality. Mint Gold Dust is a place to share stories, explore new narratives, and a curated platform that encourages collectors to explore new relationships with this new art form.

Map #4: The NFT Capitol Exhibition

The NFT Capitol Exhibition: organized by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and IRLArt – consists of dozens of NFT artworks in the Capitol Rotunda.

Map #5: Flamingle Presents Festival Week Side Events

Flamingle (night life and events map): Flamingle aims to build a more natural Web3 social space and enrich DID social graphs by enabling users to naturally socialize through the strong social nature of In-Real-Life events. Flamingle Labs is solving the problem of lack of real and active users in the web3 space by transforming the deep in-person connections to DID. Flamingle combines in-person and online social to build a more meaningful DID ecosystem.

Map #6: Stories from Denver w/ Storytime DAO

Storytime DAO: A web3 media platform and metaversal library, working as an aggregator and incubator of legendary stories and works of art on the blockchain, using decentralization to empower creators.

Map #7: FMNFT Fashion Layer

The FMNFT Fashion Walk: The FMNFT Summit, a league of fashion luminaries, are revolutionizing the industry by introducing the latest Web 3.0 fashion technology, defining the next era of fashion, and safeguarding its unparalleled culture in the metaverse. They are on a mission to onboard Gen Z into the Web 3.0 fashion tech space by establishing a robust support system and driving innovation and progress in the industry.



Top builders bring the Ultimate Web3 Lifestyle Experience to Denver, CO! Featuring exclusive augmented reality artworks from some of the most creative digital artists in the space. Be sure to claim a PoP if you’re attending the event.

Map #9: Exclusive Token Gated Degen Moon Frens

Degen Moon Frens are an Ethereum based community and the key to unlocking the potential of web3. With exclusive access to crypto education, developer guides, and NFT alpha feeds, they are your guide to this new frontier. Join the revolution with 4,444 hand-drawn frens to help you navigate the world of web3.

Map #10: Coming soon - Searchlight

Be on the lookout for Searchlights map layer configured to the ETH Denver channel!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoy all of the different inspired maps in Denver. Please be sure to claim a Proof of Presence token at each installation. Illust will be hosting a party on 3/4 requiring at least 10 claimed PoPs for admission. We want to thank all the partners involved, and we hope to bring these maps to a city near you!

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