How to Link Your Magic Wallet to Metamask in 10 Steps

Connecting your Magic Wallet to Metamask for Seamless PoPs 

You can run through the following Magic Wallet to Metamask 10 step process on a desktop or mobile device. For the best experience, we recommend you follow the 10 step process from a desktop. 

If you are exporting directly from the AR discovery application, please turn on your location, motion, and camera permissions. If you are having any difficulty, please visit this tutorial on setting up permissions in the AR app

Let’s migrate your Magic Wallet to Metamask… 

illust login
Step 1: Go to either the discovery app or AR app and tap on the account icon. Log in with the method you’ve used in the past to create a wallet on your device.
Linking Wallets
Step 2. Once you land on the account login page, please navigate to the section titled Advanced, “Export your private key to an external wallet”.
Step 3: Once you click on the link you will be directed to the “Magic” reveal page where you will be prompted to login with an email address.
Email Confirm
Step 4: Log in with your preferred method. Magic will generate a 1-time password which will be delivered to the account you inputted in the previous step. In this case we chose email.
Magic Log In
Step 5: Click the link from the email sent by Magic x Illust.
Logged In
Step 6: Navigate back to the original browser tab.
Magic Export
Step 7: You may be prompted to enter back into the app, if so, navigate to your account login, tap the icon, and tap the "export your private key to an external wallet”. This should now bring you to a screen that reveals your private key for the wallet address.

Be sure to agree to the following terms: 

  1. You have read and agreed to Magic’s terms of Service including the risks related to owning your private key disclosed in the Terms of Service.
  2. You shall be responsible for the management and security of this key and any assets associated with this key, and that Magic cannot help you recover, access or store your raw private key on your behalf
  3. Magic is not responsible for and will not provide customer service for any other wallet software you may use this private key with , and that Magic does not represent that any other software or hardware will be compatible with or protect your private key.
  4. Tap the “Reveal Private Key” button.
Step 8: You will be brought to a screen with the illust icon, text that says “Your private key”, and a clipboard containing your private key. Simply copy the text and move to your web3 wallet.
Step 9: In metamask tap on your account in the top left, navigate to “import an account” and paste the copied private key in the form and submit.
Step 10: Now you’ve successfully linked your mobile wallet on Illust with your metamask so any actions taken while logged into magic in the application will transition over to your new metamask account. 

How to Export your PoPs and PoP Data


  1. Login into your account from either or (Step 1 from the previous flow).
  2. On the account page click either “Export all PoPs” or Export all Poppers:
    • Export all PoPs gives you a breakdown of all of the locations, pieces, and PoP tokens generated from visitors to the AR Discovery application.
    • Export all Poppers gives you a breakdown by wallet address of all of the visitors to your geofenced experiences who have opted into generating a PoP.

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