Introducing “Layers” – Your Customizable Reality Channel

introducing AR layers, sculpt your reality
Your world, your reality. Shape what your audience experiences through your own custom illust AR Layer.


AR Layers are now available! 

Now any creator, publisher, and project can create a special definition for the NFTs they’ve anchored into the physical world through their own augmented reality Layer. This blogpost is meant to provide you with a deeper understanding of what AR layers are, why they’re valuable for your audience, best practices, and how to deploy one to the illust application.

What’s an AR Layer?

An augmented reality layer is similar to a channel for publishers on the app. They provide a format for connecting all of the art pieces into a single home, almost like an exhibition. Layers are the first step in the process of creating permissioned accounts on the illust app. 

A layer is a shortened group of augmented reality experiences that exist under a unique publisher ID. For example, a marketplace can create an AR layer to display only those art pieces that were purchased or sold on their platform and moved into the physical world through augmented reality.

Every publisher who creates a layer has a special map URL that is generated and displays only their specific experiences. 

Why are AR Layers Valuable?


Organization of Content and Discovery

  • Centralized home for all of your data
  • Easily shareable URL for those exploring experiences on the app
  • Contains all of the relevant info to your channel including descriptions, links, rewards, and user activity data
Artifex AR Layer from their NFT Sea Activation in the New York Seaport District

Focused Brand Engagement

  • AR layers shortlist only your experiences and will eventually be permissioned by special tokens or select PoPs
  • Layers can add a special sauce for projects looking to gamify their experiences. For example, a creator could launch a mint-list campaign where visitors to the layer need to “collect all 5 PoPs from the XYZ layer” in order to participate in a drop
  • Creators who publish experiences to a given layer can also configure what the PoP rewards look like for users. 3D, video, and images are all supported for creators looking to spice up what their fans receive for participation.


  • AR layers are useful for events and special happenings as they are discoverable in the application and will be optimized by a visitor’s location and time on the app.

Sample Use Cases

  • Street artists who want to display with waypoints all of their pieces in a city
  • Projects who want to create scavenger hunts in the world
  • Art Gallery and museums that would like to create an art walk in a specific physical space
  • Musicians who are going on tour and want to create geofences for fans to check in and generate PoPs
  • Brands with “PoP Ups” looking to engage their audiences with unique AR content and experiences for SXSW.

How to Deploy

If you’d like to create an AR layer please reach out to an Illust rep who will coach you through the process and work to bring the biggest distribution and awareness for your digital experiences in the world.

If you’d like to deploy an AR Layer, please reach out to for more.

Visit an Existing Layer

By clicking on any of the below banners you will be brought into one of the layers from our partners.

Best Practices

Setting up a layer:

  1. Which wallet address will be doing the location anchors? 
  2. For the AR Layer
    1. Do you have a hero image for the event? (ideal specs 1440 x 400)
    2. Logo image for the event: 350 x 350 (usually the same image of the PoP)
    3. Mini-Game About: 250 words or less, tell us about your project, the narrative, and the layer you’re sharing with the world.  
    4. Social links for discord/twitter/website
    5. a name for the layer

Distributing your layer on social:

  1. Share the URL to the specific mini-site
  2. Reward those who PoP your layer the most with an Airdrop 

Distributing your layer in the physical world

  1. Hand out a flyer or card that explains what your layer is about
  2. Attach a QR code to the flyer
  3. Create an incentive for the best photo or most active participation on the layer. This really ramps up the participation.

Please don’t hesitate to join the community on Discord if you’d like to learn more about AR Layers.

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