Publishing in The Space

Illust Space is an Augmented Reality (AR) metaverse layered on top of the physical world. You can use The Space to deploy your NFTs in the real world for anyone to discover and experience. These directions will help you make that experience as smooth as possible. 

To visit the publishing app please visit and log in with your access code. To generate an access code please contact Illust Space on Discord.

For 3D art, we currently support NFTs of GLB and GLTF files minted on Ethereum or Polygon. We are planning to add more chains in the future so if you would like a specific one please let us know on Twitter or Discord. 

For the best experience possible –

  1. Polygon count should not exceed 35k tris
  2. Model size should be < 5MB

We refer to the publishing platform as “Wallet to World” because our system recognizes the NFTs in your wallet and provides the tools to publish them in the world as augmented reality experiences. We currently use the OpenSea and Alchemy NFT APIs to pull visual data from the NFTs in your wallet. We’re currently using the metadata standard for ERC-721 to reference the objects in your wallet. 

Note: If you’re not seeing your 3D object using our publishing tools it may be because the original mint of the 3D NFT was not according to the metadata standards. The 3D file should be defined in the animation URL metadata.

The Space also supports 2D files like .jpgs and .pngs that you can wrap around existing 3D model templates during the placement process. Currently, Mp4 files are supported as streaming textures in the Space but audio is not supported (yet).

If you “lazy-minted” a polygon NFT on OpenSea and it hasn’t sold yet, it won’t appear in The Space because it hasn’t actually been minted on-chain. If you spend the Matic to transfer it to yourself, it will mint and be useable on our platform.

For more on how to publish please watch the Tutorial Video here:

Crafted by Illust Creative Partners, Inc.