Dear Illust Space Community,


It comes with a heavy heart for the Illust Space team to acknowledge the passing of literary and musical genius MF DOOM. For those who have asked, it’s not in our place to speculate on the details of such a tragic loss but to rather celebrate and commemorate the beautiful gift MF DOOM personified for the stage of human creativity.


We are truly humbled to be one of the last endeavors for MF DOOM, using blockchain technology to immortalize DOOM’S image and likeness without any notion of an untimely passing. It now stands that this immutable ledger forever etched into the annals of history the DOOM mask, which so distinctly characterized the lore behind the super villain of hip hop.


As we come to terms with this great loss, our condolences are with the Rhymesayers team, his family, and all of those who were close with him. To DOOM’S fans and collectors, we’re working around the clock to develop the ability for his masks to move beyond the grave and into the neighborhoods around us through the Illust Space secondary market. We are working with his team to make sure that his legacy, and the potentially financial and artistic aspects of it, directly benefit his loved ones and the causes he would want. Perhaps in the future the painful and financially exploitative industries that have sprung up around the ‘death industrial complex’ could be eliminated by smart contracts. A person’s, creativity, artistic output and wishes could continue to flourish without lawyers and estate managers picking through it.


We understand that many of you now own a unique and unrepeatable part of a legend and we ask for patience as we make sure we all serve his memory as he would have wished and ensure a legacy he and his loved ones would want.




Rob McCarty & The Illust Space Team