Spring Release Notes

We’ve been releasing features and updates throughout the Spring and we want to be more vocal about it. We thought it would be useful to group all of our updates for March and April together and give you a better look into our releases.

Remember The Space is our website, the.illust.space, for uploading assets into our AR world.

AR refers to Ar.illust.space, our mobile web application for discovering and exploring NFTs in the real world.

Since March 7th, The Space version 0.2.5

Proof of Presence:

  • PoPs can now be minted! 
  • PoP transactions and OpenSea links are shown on the page 
  • PoP NFT images are generated with a map image 
  • PoP Trophy Case and publishing tools added to a new Publish page 
  • Golden tickets added
  • Poppers list added to the microsite
  • Mainnet contract for PoPs added to production
  • PoP page is shown in the nav
  • PoP metadata works with OpenSea


  • Animated rotation added to the publishing flow 
  • Location lookup and address search added to the discover page
  • Lab page combined with faq
  • Support added for MGD 3D models
  • Token IDs normalized and duplicate pieces removed
  • Max scale increased from 3x to 10x


  • SEO support for microsite images 
  • Scroll up to the top of the Discovery page when clicking a piece, and add a link to the microsite 
  • Site navigation improved with links to PoPs and microsites 
  • VIP check moved to the publish page and made case insensitive 
  • Default to 3D microsite for desktop 
  • Owner of the microsite fixed and ENS names added
  • Edit button added to the microsite for owners

Log In:

  • Redirect Magic email back to PoP page 
  • Log in panel re-organized
  • User prompted to log in before using AR 


  • Lighting on 2D models improved and reflections configurable for 3D NFTs 
  • Better error messaging with pop ownership check fails 

Since April 1st, The Space 0.2.8

Proof of Presence:

  • Scripts for counting PoPs and sending rewards to poppers added
  • Style fixes on the PoP trophy case
  • Made pop page SEO-friendly
  • Improve pop generation speed by waiting to generate the pop image until claim time
  • Update PoP description


  • Size warning for large models added
  • Improved file type detection of images and models when they do not have a file extension
  • Fixed Alchemy requests for OpenSea Collection NFTs without frozen metadata
  • Copy changes on the publish flow
  • Decreased bundle size from ~4.1 MB to ~2MB
  • Model loading info improved


  • Switched microsite URL to be easier to guess. Also now shows a microsite for all NFTs, even ones not published


  • Significant map performance improvements
  • Loading screen for maps added
  • More GA tracking added

Since March 7th, AR 0.2.5

  • PoP lock icon changed to the word “POP” 
  • Re-directed to the PoP claim page instead of a popup 
  • Video capture re-disabled
  • “allow” added to the permission buttons 
  • Lighting on 2D models fixed
  • Color coding improvements
  • Loading progress bar added for models
  • PoP images added to maps
  • Ownership checks for fake OpenSea NFTs improved
  • More stable navbars and the PoP and Publish tabs improved
  • Homepage text updated
  • PoP button changed to “Claim PoP”

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