Unlocking a World of Possibilities with the Illust Passport


The World is Yours…and with an Illust passport, you’ll have a useful tool to help you seamlessly navigate across different digital lands. Passports give guests to the application the ability to explore special layers, launch personalized and shareable maps, use of the point of interest builder (to anchor rich media such as text, photos, videos, 3D models, and NFTs to a given location), entry into specially curated games, as well as private access to the exclusive Discord channel. Plus, some Genesis Passports have exclusive features that have yet to be announced. 

Passports will be going live around the week of February 20th, 2023 on the Illust platform.

To get your hands on a passport, you will need to complete the initial tutorial flow on the Illust app. The tutorial will be released week of February 20th, as well. This tutorial flow will provide insights on the different map features and will walk you through activating experiences in augmented reality. Passport NFTs or limited Genesis Passports will be visible and tradeable on OpenSea and are also a free mint.

Let’s explore all of the possibilities with Illust’s new Passport system!

What is the Illust Platform?

Illust is a platform where people can come together to experience their online communities in the physical world. Guests can play games, create and share maps, earn rewards, and experience unique art, music, and cultural experiences. “Channel maps” are specially curated maps that feature either a distinct individual or collective organization. “Channel layers” are a selection of experiences on any given channel map. Channel layers can be considered individual mini-games on any creator’s channel map.

passport vs. visa
Passports are for Channels & Visas are for Layers

Passports vs. Visas

You may be asking yourself, “what’s the difference between an Illust Passport and a Visa”? An Illust Passport is attached to a user’s account, is not currently “soulbound”, and is the container for all of the Visa’s acquired in the Illust experience. Visas are the NFTs required to access any given layer on a creator’s “map channel”. Visas can be sold in the form of NFTs to visitors of a given channel to give them additional access to experiences, games, leaderboards, and tooling. Currently Illust works with projects directly to set up token-gating by Visa on a given layer.

passport wall

9 Reasons to Claim an Illust Passport

The new passport system from Illust offers visitors an even more personalized experience than before. The following opportunities can be activated by claiming an Illust passport:

  1. Guest Account: by claiming a Passport you will also be creating an Illust guest account. Illust guest accounts can be discovered using the map search bar. Guest accounts can also generate special map URLs which are shareable and can even be embedded.
  2. Proof of Presence (PoP) generation: once a Passport is claimed, a guest can also generate Proof of Presence tokens when they visit the different Points of Interest on a given channel map. Proof of Presence tokens are ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) that are sent to a guest account for activating select experiences in the physical world. 
  3. Progress: by snagging a Passport, the Illust platform will be able to keep track of your progress in different experiences, layers, and channels. For example, some of our partners will be hosting contests that require physical movement and real-world engagement. To participate and be counted as a finalist in many of these experiences, you will need to have an Illust Passport.
  4. “Point of Interest” builder: as mentioned above, those with an Illust Passport can gain access to a tool that publishes messages and NFTs to a given geofenced location. By using GPS coordinates and a metered radius, most content experiences can be deployed to an exact location in the world from a desktop computer or on the fly using the mobile browser app.
  5. Token-gated layers and Visas: most map channels and layer access on the Illust application will require a Passport. This is because access to certain layers require a Visa, and to hold a Visa, you must have a Passport. Visas are simply NFT tokens used to gate access to different layers. In the future, the NFT Illust Passport book will contain all of the Visas that grant access to different experiences and will be tradeable/sellable. 
  6. Illust Discord Channel: those who claim a Passport will also gain access to special channels on the Illust Discord. These channels include special tips, hidden challenges, bounties, and more.
  7. Special Illust Challenges: similar to those described in the special access Discord channel, special challenges will require Passport holding for participation.
  8. Personal and collaborative map creation: Passport holders can also work together with other map creators to build, share, and gate access to their personal and collaborative maps. Collaborative map token gating is not self-serve at this time. Please reach out to an Illust rep for more information.
  9. Future minting opportunities: Illust works with a large mix of traditional, underground, and up-and-coming creators. Be sure to claim an Illust Passport to gain access to special minting opportunities from these partners.

Some passports may even contain exclusive traits giving access to utilities that haven’t been announced today!!

someone using the Illust app

See You There

If you’re reading this now, you’re getting a headstart on one of the core features of the platform. With a genesis Passport token, you’ll unlock a world full of possibilities that include special access layers, games, PoP tokens, Points of Interest, and communication. Plus, some Passports may even contain hidden surprises, so don’t miss out on this chance for a fantastic journey full of excitement, fun, and creativity! Be sure to follow along as we provide more information on claiming benefits, partners, and experiences by joining our email list.

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