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Create global visibility for your NFT artwork or collection through augmented reality publishing.


Discover NFTs, airdrops, and experiences in the world through the mobile browser discovery app.


Purchase rare works of art from the harbingers of culture in the Illust Space marketplace.

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Is this Pokemon Go but with NFTs?

It similar to Pokemon GO in that Illust Space is creating a global map of augmented reality content which can be activated using the discovery application and a smartphone. This is where the similarities end. 

Participants are given the freedom to publish whatever they would like into the world, craft experiences for others, and host games and challenges approved by the DAO. Visit our discovery app to start the hunt.

Can I move any NFT into the world?

Yes, you can! At the moment we support NFTs using the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum network and are visible on Open Sea. This includes pngs, jpegs, and video. We will be supporting GLB and GIF file types and other networks in the near future.

In order to publish your NFT into the world, please visit our publishing app. If you are an artist and would like a robust set of tools please reach out to us directly on our contact page.

What kind of art is in the marketplace?

The Illust Space marketplace is a curated gallery of some of the most compelling works from augmented reality artists, motion design, 3D, and generative backgrounds.

Soon creators and partners will be able to develop and publish their own creations using a set of tools designed specifically for prepping augmented reality scenes. 


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