A Milestone Reached: 1,000 Geofenced Experiences in the Illust App

Illust reached 1,000 geofenced experiences

Over this last week, Illust has surpassed the 1,000 experiences mark on its way to decentralizing the future of augmented reality. Many different publishers have contributed to the illust application from regions of the world far and wide. With the release of AR “Layers” contributors are now able to organize their geofenced layers into a single map containing a single shareable URL. As AR layers continue to grow, publishers will be able to conjoin maps, share works across exhibitions, ticket admission, and offer incentives for participation.


Here are some stats from the first 1,000 experiences.

1. Who created the 1,000th experience? 

Looks like the 1,000th piece was anchored by Mint Gold Dust.

2. Works from all over the world.

To view more geofenced experienes from around the world please visit here

3. The Tools for Sculpting Reality

Placement of these physical AR experiences were made possible by a suite of illust tools and the Proof of Presence protocol. Here’s a list of some of the tools made available so you can start reshaping your neighborhood’s digital presence today:

Wallet to World

The AR Discovery Application

Proof of Presence



4. Special Shout Outs

We want to give a special thanks to the projects and artists who’ve made this all possible. We’ve had participation from all creative verticals, musicians, street artists, web3 projects, brands, poets, motion designers, architects, sneaker heads, fashionistas, generative artists, technologists, and influencers. As we look to further decentralize the system and focus on the proof of presence protocol, your design and creation inputs have been invaluable.  


5. Let’s get to 10,000

Let’s do it! Further layer configuration, audio, face effects, and the geo-spatial registry are some of the feature sets that will help carry us to this next goal. If you have any special requests or thoughts on how we can onboard the next 10,000 experiences please don’t hesitate to let us know on our discord.