Introducing Code + Culture


Illust Space is proud to welcome partner Code + Culture to the Illust Family. This London based collective was founded by Vincent Olutayo and Naheem Kassam-Bey to be an art space that pushes the boundaries in crypto, art, and music. 

From analogue to digital art, fiat to crypto currency, Code + Culture unravels the evolving journey of technology and innovation for all to participate or observe. C+C are cutting edge minds pushing the boundaries of conventional thought and practice transforming spaces in Soho into hubs of cultural discovery for the 21st century explorer. 

Code + Culture has served as our home base in London during the Ghosting tour hosting art walks, live events, and panel discussions.

Vincent Olutayo and Naheem Kassam-Bey

Founder Vincent Olutayo remarks, “Hip hop culture has always centered on adopting new technologies and pushing them to the edge of their limits to create new and unique forms of art and expression. The collaboration with Illust Space, SHPR and Mr Snappy’s has enabled us to do this once again!”


SHPR’s ethos is connecting cultures across all sectors creatively, using innovation and embracing cultural collaborations, The SHPR and Code + Culture partnership paved the way for a partnership with Illust Space for Ghosting London. For the exhibition, Mr Snappy created a custom Air Dior case which is a perfect match with the Air Dior sneaker.