Introducing Illust’s Suite of Innovative Web3 and Music Features

The World

Illust, is excited to announce a suite of new features in the new year targeting brands, web3 communities, and artists in the music space. Some of these features include the Dynamic Maps system, Point of Interest builder, token-gated channels and layers, new studio tools, Passports, Visas, and more. We also invite everyone to join us on our new Discord server to hear more about our plans.

Dynamic Maps System

Illust’s dynamic maps system makes it easy for communities to create and deploy interest driven maps to their members. Each map is quite literally embeddable into any HTML site, can be token gated based upon NFT holdings, is tied to augmented reality experiences and can be gamified. The goal is to help communities stay connected by allowing them to visualize where events are taking place, what locations are important within their community in different cities, where they can engage with partners and friends of a project, and simply how to get around. The dynamic maps helps guests intuitively find new places or activities that they may not have been aware of before visiting the map nor can be displayed through a more traditional Google Maps.

Tools for Engagement: The Point of Interest Builder

The Point of Interest (POI) builder provides projects and communities with an easy way to bookmark important things to visit as well as with the ability to geofence graphics to a specific location in the world. These POIs can be used to provide information about certain events, can include artwork, audio files, photography, videos, and other rich media, and can also be geofenced within a certain location. Depending on the permissioning level, projects can allow open access of the POI builder for their respective projects or can broadcast their POIs internally. For example, a music fan could use this tool to create POIs to generate a music walk around Brooklyn with special mix tapes, remixes, and music videos. Brands can use the POI builder to anchor shareable games and experiences through augmented reality.. In both cases, users can easily share these POIs with others in their communities.

Art walk

Token-Gated Channels & Layers

Token-gated channels and layers allow users who hold certain tokens access to exclusive content shared on a given channel map. It also gives communities the ability to control who has publishing and contributor access to specific areas of the map. This feature works to ensure those most invested via time, resources, or engagement can can gain access to special content like exclusive music videos, live streams, quests, bounties, and experiences. Token-gated layers also add an extra layer of security as only those trusted individuals holding certain tokens can help curate or contribute photos, videos, and content to the broader channel.

New Studio Access Tools

Our new studio publishing tools allow user generated content (minted or unminted) to be added to a specific point of interest on the map. Initially being rolled out to special creators and artists, the studio provides an elevated set of tools to the POI builder that gives greater functionality. Some things creators can expect with the studio are model scale, transformations, rotations, shadows, reflections, material editing, face effects, and much more.


Passports and Visas

​​Illust’s map and map channels works similar to a passport and a visa. The Illust passport provides access to all ‘web3’ enabled map channels. Visa NFTs unlock experiences, games, and specific activations on a map. By creating an Illust account you will be able to claim a Passport which gives you access to:

  1. The Illust Discord
  2. Future minting opportunities with our partners
  3. Access to certain maps
  4. Ability to generate Proof of Presence tokens
  5. Access to the POI builder for curating your personal map.

Let’s do this…

At Illust, we strive to make engaging with your community easier than ever before. With our suite of innovative features including the Point of Interest Builder, Dynamic Maps system, token-gated channels & layers, studio access tools, and passports – we know you’ll find something just perfect for your needs! Join us at ETH Denver February 24th, 2023 as we officially launch these products, and come hang out with us when we launch Illust’s new Discord server!

Be sure not miss out – let’s get ready for an amazing 2023!

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