Introducing Proof of Presence

Geospatial, Temporal and Personal -

We’ve been working hard building out our location-based content delivery platform. Critical to our system is the user’s ability to “check-in” at content delivery points and record that interaction for the user’s memory and potential future rewards for participation. We’ve tokenized this process through a consensus mechanism called Proof of Presence.

Proof of Presence is an on-chain record of engagement that commemorates physical and digital experiences. It fulfills the human need to proclaim “I was here” and makes the statement cryptographically provable with digital assets that are easy to collect, share, and store.

To satisfy this timeless desire, we take the geo-location, time, and experience, and secure it on-chain as new PoP tokens. This data combines with the hash of the experience hash to create a new PoP token. The PoP can be a simple image or an elaborate 3D model set. When a spectator visits an experience, they can claim the token. This interaction is the most basic that the technology delivers. 

Coming later, spectators can photograph/record the experience, and mint that media along with their PoP. This secondary creation contributes to the weight of the presence of the original object. E.g. if one piece of secondary media is minted, you can be somewhat confident of the experience’s state and location. If 500 pieces of associated media are minted, you can see the piece on various days, different times of day, weather states, etc. This is especially useful for documenting experiences that may change over time. 

The experiences creator can select a preferred image to mark it on the map. For those not in the direct vicinity of the creation, this image acts as an exploratory mechanism. Later on, this image will link the user to the associated secondary media to check out the experience without visiting first. 

Extended functions will incorporate lidar scans, block time, and machine learning to help map/record the world in its permanent and impermanent states. This will lead to a chain-based archive of time and space (and epiphenomenally – culture) and eventually provide the means for persistence on the platform.

Piggybacking on consensus protocols, “Proof of X” has become a popular marketing strategy. Our mechanism provides consensus on your engagement with the physical and digital activities linked to our AR metaverse.

We have a lot of Proof of Presence related releases coming up over the next few weeks. Join our Discord to keep up with excitement.