Stencil Profane

Graffiti on a bridge
18 May 2021
Stencil Profane

Albert, The Kid is Ghosting.

 A train ride backwards.It wasn’t that long ago that things were almost unrecognisable. By ‘that long’ I don’t mean the new normal we have birthed based on the pandemic calendar, I mean a decade or so ago, a time before nostalgia can confidently set a historical fiction there, but before the re-wiring that technologies considered…
21 Oct 2020
Stencil Profane

The Future Illust Space

Art has suffered of late, plague battered, furloughed and locked in corridors too narrow to distance in. Even before Covid it was spread like neon butter across endless interest attuned scrolls, our careless attention’s negative lathe, focusing it into a broadly consumable familiarity. A sort of tasteful blur that could easily sell dreams woven into…