January 2023 Feature Update

Main app

  • Fixed duplicate placements
  • Added compass direction to map
  • Passport support (behind feature flag)
  • Support basic visas
  • Streaming video (with green screens) and audio
  • Filterable layers
  • Colored layer pins
  • Embeddable map
  • Map location nudges
  • Fixed pop radius field on old /publish page
  • Style passport in user profile
  • Added React tour for the tutorial page
  • Added channel welcome modals
  • Added cached maps to improve loading speed
  • Updated channel embed maps to support layers and bounding box zoom
  • Support for NFT placements in new geofencing system
  • Added basic layer visa gating
  • Added a random profile picture for new and existing users
  • Addeded a copyable link to the placement detail pane after a publish
  • Renamed Subscribe to Follow
  • Removed subscriber counts from channel pages


  • Clickable maps in the studio
  • Contributor roles

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Crafted by Illust Creative Partners, Inc.