Max Cooper
& Jessica In

PVNP | Technological Reflections

NFT Marketplace Illust Space presents artist and musician Max Cooper’s latest project PVNP, an AR visualization of Cooper’s ongoing study of the aesthetics of knowledge creation. The sculptures are built by spatially mapping the inner workings of the algorithmic processes we rely on every day to restrict and direct the knowledge of our personal data, the RSA algorithm. This first presentation comprises two AR sculptures, first accessible via mobile devices during Cooper’s live show on July 6th at the birthplace of foundational knowledge, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. 

On July 6th, the first two of these sculptures will be on view at the Acropolis in Athens. This drop will act as the first stop for Illust Space’s AR show, Ghosting, which will travel around the world this summer. The sculptures will also go on auction as NFTs on Illust Space’s marketplace after being minted on Tezos, an eco-friendly open-source crypto platform. 

July 6th at the Acropolis



Built on the famous unsolved problem of P v NP, the RSA algorithm is the cornerstone of secure communications, global banking, cryptocurrency, and NFT technology. If solved, P v NP could open the door for hackers to access and manipulate our most secure and personal data, making what was once unknown known. Max Cooper’s public sculptures aim to reveal the inner workings of the encryption and decryption of the algorithm, mapping the mathematical process to a spatial form so that we can see why and how the system works.

PVNP provides technical insight as well as artistic appreciation of the beauty of a system so central to our lives, but never before seen. Instead of focusing just on the instability of the system, Cooper’s PVNP focuses on the wider epistemological question of what we can and cannot know and the endless pursuit of knowledge itself. 



Max Cooper
Max Cooper
Jessica In
Jessica In
Illust Space Studio

A Fully Green Activation

All artwork developed for the PVNP collection will be minted on Illust Space’s Tezos contract, a fully sustainable Proof of Stake chain developed specifically to address the challenges encountered in the blockchain space. When the collection goes to auction, collectors will have the opportunity to also resell any of the items listed in Illust Space’s hybrid chain secondary market.

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Chamber of Culture
Chamber of Culture is being established to develop places and people through arts and culture, curating inspirational experiences, uplifting community and attachment to place, establish grassroots networks for creative leaders and enable the next generation of artists to leave a mindblowing legacy.

Plisskën Festival

For more than 9 years, Plisskën Festival has consistently proved itself to be one of Greece’s leading Festivals.

Exceptional programming has seen some of the world’s most iconic artists, alongside the best alternative and up and coming talent including legendary headliners Giorgio Moroder, Floating Points, Quantic, Jungle, The Black Madonna, Hunee, Peter Bjorn and John, Tinariwen, Mogwai, Mulatu Astatke, Death in Vegas, La Femme, Mac deMarco, Forest Swords, David August, Liars, Fuck Buttons, Nicola Cruz, Sama’, Afrodeutsche, Ellen Allien, Optimo, Tuxedomoon, Son Lux, Swans, Andy Stott, Debonair and many more.

Aside from a line-up celebrating a broad mix of styles and quality, Plisskën also continues to push the boundaries of their environmental and social ethos.

Wanting to be more environmentally conscious, they have been awarded the ‘Commended’ rating from the Greener Festival Awards global governing body for 2 consecutive years.

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