The 8 Types of Maps You Can Create on Illust

We get asked fairly regularly what types of maps can be created using Illust’s platform. If you’ve considered this or are just looking into Illust, this blog post is intended for you. Stick around til the end as we’ll also share some additional tools and distribution opportunities.

The following is a list of the 8 different types of layers that can be created by using the Illust platform:

1. Basic Utility Map

utility map image

Provide your community with a general understanding of a city, neighborhood, or conference with points of interest tied to your map. Map points of interest can be categorical, tied to an augmented reality experience, or tied to a location.

This is great for visitors who may be new to your city and are looking for something to do.

2. Experience Map 

Point of Interest Builder image

Add special experiences to your map through augmented reality. By using the Point of Interest builder or Illust Studio, you have the freedom to add the following to any location in the world:

  • NFTs
  • Messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • 3D models and animations
  • Avatars
  • Games

3. Check-in Map

Max Check In

A check-in map is great for galleries, concerts, and events taking place in the world. By tying a Proof of Presence to your points of interest, you can reward or incentive folks showing up to your symposium.

The check-in map can be configured with a leaderboard to incentivize the most active members of your community to engage.

4. Culture Walk Map

Maradona Photo

Create an interactive map that takes a dive into the local artwork, history, and stories around your community. Sample culture walk map ideas:

  • Movie walk: clips from movies and where they were shot
  • Street art walk: points of interest at all of the major murals in your city
  • Podcast walk: anchor clips from a podcast at the locations they’re speaking about
  • Activist walk: create points of interest tied to real-world demonstrations, political justice, and marches
  • Music walk: drop some of your favorite tracks at the places that mean the most to you

5. Scavenger Hunt Map

Scavenger Hunt Map

Create a gamified map that requires participants to navigate around a city. Select the winners of your scavenger hunt by requiring your visitors to obtain specific Proof of Presence tokens within a specific time frame. 

6. Crew Map


Give your friends a map that only you have access to. Add your favorite after-party locations, pizza joints, and things to do that you don’t want the general public to know about. By distributing a “friend-pass” NFT, you can have an exclusive map specifically for the crew.

7. Storefront Map (Coming Soon)

digital storefront

An adaptation of the check-in system, the geo-spatial storefront gives communities the ability to sell limited digital merchandise at any given location in the world.

8. Photo Safari Map (Further Out)

KAWS Floating

Augmented reality experiences and characters can be randomly generated on a map requiring a photo to generate a Proof of Presence. Essentially free-roaming or wilding characters in the world.

Ready to create your map? Please visit illust.AR for more!

Additional Tools

To enhance the value provided by the previously mentioned map experiences, map creators can work with Illust to use the following tools to take their community engagement to the next level:

  1. Audience Insights: based upon activity on your map, Illust will work with you to map out what your audience is most interested in using a combination of location, time, activity, and web3 inputs.
  2. Leaderboards: all experiences on a community map can be tied to a leaderboard to gauge participation and rewards.
  3. Token Gating: all layers and permissions can be token gated by any token of your choosing.
  4. Airdropping and minting contracts: Illust has a selection of audited contracts that can be used for minting or airdropping NFTs to your audience.

Distribution Opportunities

Making and sharing a map is key to driving more visibility. The following are some of the ways Illust is making it easier to share your creations with the world:

  1. The application runs in a web browser which doesn’t require an app download for access. (Web3 knowhow optional)
  2. All layer and channel maps can be embedded through an HTML shortcode.
  3. Layers can be linked to other channels.
  4. Maps can be shared via URL.
  5. Illust is opening up an API that gives projects and marketplaces the ability to place their NFTs on a designated layer.
  6. Map Points of Interest can be exported to Google Maps.
  7. QR codes and NFC chips can be used to activate experiences.

Let’s #BUIDL

We’re excited to see what you come up in this new juncture of the Illust app. Please don’t hesitate to reach out or join our newsletter to get the latest and greatest on events, configuration, and creator opportunities.

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