Pathfinders – A passport to the metaverse(s) all around you.




  1. A person who makes or finds a way, esp through unexplored areas or fields of knowledge
  2. One who makes a path or way where none had existed, as in an unknown region, wilderness, etc.
pathfinder wizard

Introducing the “Pathfinder Passports”

In our previous blog post, we shared more about the Illust Passport and some of the benefits from claiming one. This week we’re sharing more about the Pathfinder Passport, a rare token that grants access to all of the token-gated layers on the Illust platform.

specialty passport

The Rare Editions

As we get ready for the alpha launch of the Illust platform at ETH Denver, we will be awarding a select number of special edition passports to those who are the most active users on the Illust platform. The Pathfinder tokens will also be available in select marketplaces (more on this to come). 

  1. This Passport will be a complete hall pass granting access to all of the token-gated layers on the Illust platform over a specified period.
  2. The Pathfinder Passport will also give the holder the ability to work with Illust’s team directly to craft a special layer, equipped with token-gating, access to the studio tools, customized Proof of Presence tokens, and 5 hours of creative implementation for any project they may be working on.
  3. Pathfinders will be given a special Discord channel to interface directly with Illust on new feature requests, strategies, and collaborations.
  4. Pathfinders will also be pre-selected for the first mints from corresponding partners.

How to Claim

As mentioned, a finite amount of Pathfinder Passports will be awarded to the most active and creative Illust adventurers. Exploration will be measured by past activity on the application.

Past activity on the app includes those who’ve created Illust accounts, claimed the most Proof of Presence tokens on other maps, shared their Illust placements and maps on social, are the most active on our Discord, and who have the most Proof of Presence tokens against a placement they’ve made in the world.



What’s Next

We will be dropping free Pathfinder Passports from time to time during the next few months to reward early use of the platform, call for submission entries, best-created layers, and games constructed on the Illust map. We will also have a supply of Pathfinder tokens available for purchase.

Be sure to join us as we share more about how to claim on Twitter Spaces/Clubhouse, and we look forward to your participation!

Closing thoughts by @StencilProfane

One of the themes it seems we dance around frequently here at illust, is how we are somehow living in the most expansive, advanced, magical reality humans can fathom (at least in the Clarke sense), and yet we seem to be simultaneous, retreating. Both physically and mentally. As we gravitate more and more to the safe insipid glow of echo-chambered screens, we become more reactionary, less likely to accept any modes outside of our curiously proscribed patterns. We all fly to the same gram gentle destinations, and post the same pictures outside the same landmarks. It was the best of times, it was the worst… etc. But we all know this already.

So how do we rediscover reality as the strangely beautiful, barely discovered vastness it is. The thin skeins of maps wrapped around the globe, mental borders built through repetition rather than experience. We could indeed (as that oft-quoted bearded bard observed) ‘consider ourselves kings of infinite space’, now more than ever before, surfing through the slipstreams of consensus, media and progress, but all too often we forget that we are still ‘bounded in a nutshell’. 

We need explorers, edge walkers, liminal hobos, running drunk into darkness. Wanderers with no destination, keen-eyed scouts, blind flaneurs feeling out worlds. We need pathfinders. And so that is why we have created the Pathfinder Passport. An NFT yes, but more than that it is an invitation, a gateway, a petite provocation to get people out there creating new maps and models. Its that ticket Hunter Thomspon kept banging on about, a talisman to pass into the interzones, the perfect papers to cross between worlds. Drawing on the Vegvísir (Icelandic for for ‘sign post, wayfinder’) the sigil is a familiar mark, one of the secret letters in the hobo’s alphabet, some Norse summoning.. more importantly as the etymology has it “it points someone the right way”.


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