Out of the Garden Gate Part 2 – How to Token Gate with Proof of Presence Tokens

Using Proof of Presence as a Verification/Access for Discord Channels (Collab-Land).

Generating a Proof of Presence, allows others to interact with meaningful on-chain declarations. Claiming either a PoP or a custom object (NFT, Link, or something more tangible) can generate new roles and private channel access on discord (or within a bespoke project). What follows is a step-by-step guide for making your own custom PoP claimable role (using Collab.land).

Step 1 – Set up your Geo-Experience

First create your AR NFT (follow the guide here if you need) – it doesn’t matter whether it is an existing NFT or whether you mint something on our contract (currently free as we cover the Matic). Once you have set it up and placed your piece in the world, set up a PoP token (using the guide here). Now is also a good time to set up a Layer for the piece to be found more easily. 

The only real requirement is to give your PoP a unique attribute (and preferably one that makes sense to you). In the example below, I have an Eldrich terror percent of 3, and a Discordian escape plan characteristic. 

PoPs can be rewarded for collecting digital merch, real products, cataloging one’s personal experience at a gig, or for those who solve a puzzle. Deciding who and how one gains entry to our reality layer is a key part of bringing play, discovery, and magic back into the planet (let’s just call it web3). You never know, chain-based GIS might be the key to tackling the climate crisis, it is the artists and restless creatives that will get us there. Coding world-scale experiences without the drawbacks of physics and class… 

The Eldrich NFT in Question
The Key or the PoP you claim

Step 2 – Discord and CollabLand

To create a bot on Collab.Land, please follow the steps outlined in the Collab.land Support channel or follow along here.

Prior to Adding the Bot

1. Create your Discord server(s).
2. Create the Discord roles you want Collab.Land to manage.

Adding the Bot

1. Sign in to Discord. 

2. Click here to add the Collab.Land bot and add a server to manage.

Token Gate CollabLand
Token Gate CollabLand 2

3.  Add Collab.Land as an administrator for setup (you can remove it later)

4. The Collab.Land bot creates a collabland-config and a collabland-join channel. 

collabland-config: You will see this welcome message. By default, access goes to the person setting up the bot and any server admins.

Adding the Bot

1. Sign in to Discord. 

2. Click here to add the Collab.Land bot and add a server to manage.

Collabland for PoPs2

collabland-join: this is where members verify using the “Let’s go!” button. 

Collabland for PoPs3

– Please do not delete or rename collabland-config or collabland-join.

Configuring your TGRs (token-granted roles) :

  1. Make sure Collab.Land is at the top of the server role hierarchy to ensure it properly manages the roles beneath it. 

Suggested Discord hierarchy:

  1. Head to the Collab.Land web portal. You will log in with your Discord account. 

Collabland for PoPs5
3. Select the server on the left.
Collabland for PoPs6
4. Click on “TGRs” on the left.
Collabland for PoPs7
5. Click on the + Select role button.
Collabland for PoPs8
6. Select a Discord role and click Apply. (If you do not see any roles you want, return to Discord to create them first.)
Collabland for PoPs9
7. Click on the role and then click "+ Add new" to add the configuration.
Collabland for PoPs10
8. Add your token details.

Chain Type: Polygon

Token Type: ERC-721

Address: This is the contract address for PoPs which can be found on OpenSea. PoP v1 is:


Attributes (optional): For NFT token types such as ERC-721, you can add specific metadata conditions. If your NFT contains metadata traits and values you can enter them by clicking on the Attributes button, and clicking on + Add metadata. 

Note: You can find the metadata traits and attributes for your token by looking at the properties tab of the token on OpenSea.

In this case: if you’re the project that deployed the PoPspot, your wallet address can be used as the attribute in the metadata (Publisher ID).

PoP metadata
Sample OpenSea PoP view
May be case sensitive so be careful setting up your specifc trait. You can also configure with multiple traits required for additional sorting.

Step 3 – Gate Building

Go back into the your server and create a new channel. 

Give this channel access rules corresponding to the role.

Make the Channel Private and assign the appropriate roles.
Look for the Role with the special token gated access and assign it to the channel.

Keys to the Gate.

You now have a private Discord channel only accessible by holders of that PoP (of course it could be a series of PoPs held by them etc).

We are working to integrate into a similar process for defining discovery radiuses, or revealing objects on the map. 

What comes next.

Also, the example mentioned previously in the article is a real gated token out on the Illust map. It will move around, marking territories – if you manage to hunt it down and PoP – you will really be able to access a secret channel in our discord (Here) what is there is unknown, some say it is the true faith, or teachings that give people special powers, others say it is just a multilevel marketing scheme run amok, a shadowy cabal of socially awkward power brokers, or just shitposts from before the Internet.. 

Find Herne out in the world and get access to the first gate.

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