Illust July Release Notes

Please find the following release notes from May and June.

Currently, is the main site for publishing experiences into the world and is our mobile web application for discovering and exploring the published experiences.


  • Auto-Select the nearest piece in AR for navigation
  • Significant performance improvement for in-AR map
  • Add Magic and Wallet connect login
  • Support cross-subdomain login


  • Support PoP configuration during publishing
  • Show PoP counts on the discover pages
  • Share links on from the NFT Microsites
  • Grid perspective view when editing a 3D model
  • Add text search to discover pages
  • Add Wallet Connect connect login
  • Add SMS login and improve email login
  • Support cross-subdomain login
  • Prepare for public publishing
  • Add Layers as curated collections of pieces, with its own homepage (open to select partners for now)
  • Discover layers from the discover page


  • Fixed link creator colors in the publish flow
  • Improved pop creation data validation security
  • Fixes for Opensea wallet requests


  • Prepared for public publishing with a back office moderation dashboard
  • Layer configuration pages
  • Made camera scale configurable


  • Added support for face-tracked NFTs!
  • Supported GLB pop rewards
  • Fixes to layer card text color to make it more readable


  • One-click PoPs in AR
  • Fixes for issues with rotation and scale on positioned assets


  • Fixed orbit controls and checkboxes


If you have any special requests or thoughts on ways in which you would like to experience the space please don’t hesitate to let us know on our discord.

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