Illust Passports Now Live (+Tutorial)

Illust Passports are now live!

A first of its kind system, Illust Passports are one of the first NFT “drops” that can be claimed and minted natively all through an augmented reality experience. Be sure to have your cell phone ready to activate. 

Passports will be required for all gated experiences. If you have plans to visit a curated conference, music venue, city, or gallery experience in the future, you will be required to hold a Passport to gain access to the map. For more, visit the blog post link below.

Passport Claiming Tutorial

As this may be the first time you’ve experienced augmented reality, we wanted to share a quick demo video on how to activate the Passport claim. 

Passports are your gateway to the metaverse outside. If you have any questions, want to drop us a message, or learn more about upcoming partnerships and city activations, please visit our Discord for more.

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