World’s First Traveling Augmented Reality NFT Exhibition Coming to a City Near You


Illust Space is proud to present Ghosting, a traveling exhibition that combines new digital mediums and augmented reality to create a one of a kind show in a world we can see, but not touch. This summer, beginning with a kick off at the Acropolis in Greece on July 6th, digital art will come alive in the streets of forgotten alleyways of familiar urban landscapes. From Greece, the exhibition will travel to Berlin for the official launch on July 13th. 

Each show is curated to respond to the unique and dynamic surroundings of each city. Artists include Max Cooper, Exit Simulation, OG Slick, Clara Bacou, Benedict Radcliffe, Charlie Edmiston, Adam Feibelman, and more.

Anyone with a smartphone will be able to interact with these innovative works via their mobile browser. All installations will be open to the public and take place outside, where visitors can follow a mapped trail of the exhibition, blurring the lines between our digital and physical selves in this unique age of social distancing. Visitors will also have a unique opportunity to find hidden digital works throughout the duration of the show.

Ghosting officially launches in Berlin on July 13th, followed by London in collaboration with SOHO Music Month, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, throughout the summer. Visit for more information on each location and exhibiting artists. 


Throughout the summer, each augmented reality NFT piece from Ghosting will be auctioned off in a series of 3-4 curated drops on Illust Space’s unique marketplace. Not only will collectors be able to own these works, but they will also be able to control their geolocation. Works can be placed in their backyard, in a public space, or even prepared for exhibition.