Illust brings Proof of Presence to NFT NYC through Strategic Partnerships

NFT NYC is fast approaching. With the whole city playing host to the world’s leading NFT projects, Hodlrs, shillers, and technologists comes a week of degen fun. It comes at a time where a nice NFT community embrace couldn’t be more welcomed as the external market conditions torment our twitter feeds. Illust is here to help foster those moments of connection, optimism, and awe as we meander about the city and we’re here to support some incredible people, projects, and places. 


Some of the notable activations will include the following partners:

SearchLight NFT NYC
SearchLight NFT NYC Map

Parallel: Scavenger Hunt (collect all 5 PoPs to redeem a special mint)

Artifex: AR Art Walk complete with works from the biggest names in crypto art

Ollie x One of None: Studio NFT Views, Performance, & Merch

Habitats: Architects for the metaverse with some mean AR visualizations

EndState:  Scavenger Hunt to view the newest pieces from Drop 2

Blockparty: AR Visualization on the posters from the event

Wed Afterparty:  EasterEgg Hunt with first winner receiving a special mintpass

Searchlight: Using PoPs to navigate around the city

Foresight Ventures: Event PoPs at the VC Dinner

Ollie Chanin
Ollie Chanin

Watch our deep dive into all the details on the recording of our Tuesday Twitter Spaces and our Wednesday Twitter Spaces as we speak more about the collaborations, PoP-Spots, and interactive things you’ll be able to do with Proof of Presence tokens for participating in the festivities.

What’s Illust? (Video) + Seed Round Participation

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Gamification in Augmented Reality Through PoP (Proof of Presence)

Augmented reality (AR) and gamification are two technologies that businesses are starting to use more and more to engage customers. AR enhances digital content with interactive, real-world elements, while gamification uses game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards to make non-game activities more engaging. Here are a few examples of how businesses are using both

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Spring Release Notes

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