Illust brings Proof of Presence to NFT NYC through Strategic Partnerships

NFT NYC is fast approaching. With the whole city playing host to the world’s leading NFT projects, Hodlrs, shillers, and technologists comes a week of degen fun. It comes at a time where a nice NFT community embrace couldn’t be more welcomed as the external market conditions torment our twitter feeds. Illust is here to help foster those moments of connection, optimism, and awe as we meander about the city and we’re here to support some incredible people, projects, and places. 


Some of the notable activations will include the following partners:

SearchLight NFT NYC
SearchLight NFT NYC Map

Parallel: Scavenger Hunt (collect all 5 PoPs to redeem a special mint)

Artifex: AR Art Walk complete with works from the biggest names in crypto art

Ollie x One of None: Studio NFT Views, Performance, & Merch

Habitats: Architects for the metaverse with some mean AR visualizations

EndState:  Scavenger Hunt to view the newest pieces from Drop 2

Blockparty: AR Visualization on the posters from the event

Wed Afterparty:  EasterEgg Hunt with first winner receiving a special mintpass

Searchlight: Using PoPs to navigate around the city

Foresight Ventures: Event PoPs at the VC Dinner

Ollie Chanin
Ollie Chanin

Watch our deep dive into all the details on the recording of our Tuesday Twitter Spaces and our Wednesday Twitter Spaces as we speak more about the collaborations, PoP-Spots, and interactive things you’ll be able to do with Proof of Presence tokens for participating in the festivities.

AR Visualization

11 Steps to Crafting A Successful Augmented Reality Campaign

We get asked time and time again, “What does the process look like to craft an augmented reality campaign”? After speaking with the team and other peers in the space, we found a lot of similarities in our processes (and some differences).  The following is a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute a

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Blogpost image about how to visit the illust AR app and have a good experience.

How to Move Through the Illust AR App

Welcome to Illust! You may have found yourself here because of an event, an artist hookup, a walk about town, or through one of our retail partners.  At any point, you may land on one of the following components of the application: AR Experience Flow PoP and Claimable NFT Flow Map Navigation Layer or Quests

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Gallery Screenshot

Four Seasons AR Docent Media Advisory

Illust partnered with the Four Seasons to present an augmented reality docent for their LOVE IS AN ART Gallery Exhibition. With works from Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Jeff Koons, Marc Chagall, MegZany, Risk, Mr. Brainwash, Gregory Siff, and Mesple, the hologram-powered docent is the first of its kind on the blockchain tied in with special proof of presence tokens for participation.

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HACKATAO Remix Me Gallery Recap

HACKATAO Remix Me MEET Milan Recap

The MEET Digital Culture Center, HACKATAO, and BREEZY Crypto Art Curation came together with Illust to produce an interactive map triggered by augmented reality and blockchain. Using Illust’s metaverse as a service tools, the installation performed exceptionally well and left audiences wanting more.

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RiNo Recap for ETHDenver Installation

Infographic sharing more about the augmented reality map created for the city of Denver and the RiNo Arts District. Quality experiences, strong usage, and good times were all had throughout the installation at ETH Denver 2023.

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