What’s Illust? (Video) + Seed Round Participation

The SXSW Activation held in March of 2022 was one of collaboration and community, where we released our core technology, Proof of Presence (PoP). We spent the time connecting with artists, curating deeper bonds with the Austin community, while also helping local muralists digitize their walls to be minted and placed on the Illust Discovery App. 

One of our bigger takeaways was how community engagement with our app affected both the social and fiscal growth of the artists we collaborated with. This made us pause and reflect on the deeper transformation provoked by merging the digital and physical worlds. With over 3 minutes and 18 seconds of engagement time per AR experience, we’re witnessing a true emergence of mixed reality. Here’s more from our work with the Austin community:

Illust serves you, the explorer, the individual, and the company member who is active in the physical world. This is why our application of PoPs is so profound. By generating a PoP, you convert your activity and location data into an asset (NFT) owned by you! You are completely free to do with your data as you please and we’re working to provide partners that give you unique utility for these owned assets.

Some samples of this include:

The list goes on. Our mission is to create an open, equitable, and decentralized AR metaverse with you owning your data, and PoPs are our first step in this future. If you also share in this vision, we’re in the process of raising a seed round with participation from some of the leading voices in art, technology, and web3. To request an investor deck reach out to Hello@Illust.Space

The World is Yours

The World is Yours

Illust is an interactive map based company that gives anyone the tools to create and share their own personalized maps.

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