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04 Jan 2021
Rob McCarty


Dear Illust Space Community, It comes with a heavy heart for the Illust Space team to acknowledge the passing of literary and musical genius MF DOOM. For those who have asked, it's not in our place to speculate on the details of such a tragic loss but to rather celebrate and commemorate the beautiful gift MF…
Graffiti on a bridge
18 Dec 2020
Stencil Profane

Albert, The Kid is Ghosting.

A train ride backwards. It wasn’t that long ago that things were almost unrecognisable. By ‘that long’ I don’t mean the new normal we have birthed based on the pandemic calendar, I mean a decade or so ago, a time before nostalgia can confidently set a historical fiction there, but before the re-wiring that technologies…
Christie's NFT Art Auction
09 Dec 2020
Noah Newfield

The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting NFT Art

Welcome to the metaverse! Here are 10 things you need to know before beginning your journey.1. What is NFT Art?NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are programmable digital objects built on a common framework, Ethereum. Check out point 1 of our Artist Cheat Sheet for an explanation.NFT art is digital artwork that’s given many of the features of…
NFT Artwork
01 Dec 2020
Noah Newfield

The Seven Step Artist NFT Cheat Sheet

NFTs have received a lot of coverage lately. Let this be a brief guide to the fast-evolving domain for creativity. 1. What's an NFT? NFTs are programmable digital objects built on a common framework, Ethereum. Let’s break that down. Digital Object Think of it as a folder on your computer’s desktop. Like a physical object,…
Mummy and Melty DOOM Masks
31 Oct 2020
Rob McCarty


Thanks for tuning in to the MF DOOM AR NFT AUCTION. On October 29th and October 30th, Illust Space launched the second of two AR NFT Drops from the illustrious super villain of hip hop, MF DOOM. This second drop featured 3 rare Halloween inspired MF DOOM masks in two variants, MUMMY and SLUDGE. Below…
Doomsday drop 2
26 Oct 2020
Rob McCarty

DOOMSDAY DROP 2 (Around the Corner)

DOOMSDAY DROP 1 COMPLETE, GET READY FOR ROUND 2First we want to congratulate the winners of the first DOOMSDAY Drop with the top bids coming in at 2.1 and 2.2 Eth for Metal Face Green and Metal Face Blue respectively.BLUE WINNERS: zco, metalfingers, cultbitz, elcastorGREEN WINNERS: Blakezodoq, nicooo9999, Zanzibar, shredordie911Couple Notes on Usage: winners of…
MF DOOM Auction Masks
23 Oct 2020
Rob McCarty


DOOMSDAY IS HERE. Welcome to the first ever sale of an Augmented Reality NFT, the auction is now open. Bid for your chance to own a historical unrepeatable piece of Hip Hop and Digital history. As you go into the auction please be aware of the following auction practices, vocabulary, and rules: There are two…
21 Oct 2020
Stencil Profane

The Future Illust Space

Art has suffered of late, plague battered, furloughed and locked in corridors too narrow to distance in. Even before Covid it was spread like neon butter across endless interest attuned scrolls, our careless attention’s negative lathe, focusing it into a broadly consumable familiarity. A sort of tasteful blur that could easily sell dreams woven into…
18 Oct 2020
Rob McCarty

MF DOOM Announces Augmented Reality NFT Auction

Sign Up for More Information on the Auction HERE (October 19, 2020—Los Angeles, CA) Today, hip-hop anti-hero MF DOOM and Rhymesayers Entertainment announce an innovative partnership with Illust Space to deliver augmented reality masks just in time for Halloween. The enigmatic rapper is stepping into the realm of digital collectibles, teaming up with Illust Space…