The Applications of an NFT Ticketing System through PoP (Proof of Presence)

Some things to think of when discussing the use of NFTs as a ticketing system are; What are NFT ticketing systems and their applications, how would an NFT ticketing system work, and what are the benefits and challenges of using an NFT ticketing system, and what the future could hold.

Although there are many potential applications for NFT ticketing systems, one of the most promising uses is in augmented reality. By using a token-based system, event organizers can create a virtual space that attendees can explore and interact with which is only accessible through ownership of a specific token. This could extend to interactive games, exclusive content, communication, and transactional events. In addition, NFT ticketing could be used to manage entry into events, making it easier and faster for guests to get into the venue. Ultimately, this new technology has the potential to reimagine how we experience events – both live and online.

NFT ticketing systems reinvent how ticket sales are conducted. They provide a number of benefits for both event organizers and attendees. These systems use blockchain technology to create unique tickets that can be transferred and sold online. This provides a secure and transparent way to sell tickets, while also preventing fraud. NFT ticketing systems also allow event organizers to track attendance and collect data on how people interact with their events. This information can help organizers improve future events, engage their communities, distribute important messaging, and build their community impact. For attendees, NFT ticketing systems provide an easy way to purchase tickets, transfer them to friends, and engage with new digital NFT experiences on location. They also offer the security of knowing that their tickets cannot be stolen or duplicated. As more and more events begin using NFT ticketing systems, the benefits they provide will continue to grow.

Utilizing our Proof of Presence system (PoPS) for tickets or passes for special events grants special access to unique on-location in-game content and experiences. This could provide a whole new level of immersion and excitement for fans as well as added revenue opportunities for artists, developers, and publishers. Given the current popularity of augmented reality (AR), it’s also likely that AR games would benefit greatly from incorporating NFT ticketing systems through the utility derived from owning one’s data. So far, there has been little experimentation in this area, but, the work the team’s putting in will result in new discoveries, innovations, and business models.

So, what is NFT ticketing? In short, it’s a web3 system for permission access to events, content experiences, chats, and community. This could be anything from a movie ticket, to a mint pass for an upcoming project, or for an access credential at a music festival.

What features are you looking to use NFTs for? Let me know on Twitter – I’d love to hear your ideas!

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